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Marble as Kitchen Countertop


Mr. Syed Ahmad Ashraf

“Life is made up of Marble & Mud”  - Nathaniel Hawthorne

People build their home with lots of love and affection. It shows their feeling, emotions, choices, and stone plays an important part in reflecting one’s personality.

Marble defines finesse, class, character and is a very popular choice among homeowners when it comes to Kitchen Countertops. Every year, millions of Homeowners across the spectrum have the same concern when it comes to building a kitchen counter. Should they choose a marble for kitchen top? Will there be absorption? Will it get scratched? Let’s answer these questions one by one.

The uniqueness and the beauty are a major attraction for homeowners to use marble as a Countertop in their Kitchen. The distinctive vein patterns and the richness that is provided by a marble countertop are seamless. It turns the Kitchen Islands into the centerpiece for the entire house. The special thing about a natural marble top is the uniqueness that comes with it. No other piece of Marble in the whole world will be the same, therefore offering an opportunity to have something truly unique in your home.

Marble has intrinsic heat resistance ability. As a natural stone it has a much higher heat resistant ability compared to other resin based artificial stones. Therefore, it does make it a popular choice for not only counters but also Islands and Fireplaces. Marble has plethora of color options to match the aesthetics of the kitchen.

While marble can be damaged by stains from food items and etches from acidic beverages, there are precautionary measures that can be taken to prevent such things from happening. A good sealer can prolong the life of the Marble Countertop by giving it the extra layer of protection from stains, however no sealer can protect the marble from etches when it meets any acidic food. Applying a sealer will close the pores below the surface of the marble, which will restrict the absorption of fluids allowing time for cleanups, thereby reducing the chances of staining.

Being on the lower side of the MOHS hardness scale, marble can easily get scratches. However, the solution to that is to use the Honed version of the marble. Honing will remove the polish on the surface of the marble.

Since, we know Marble is one of the popular choices for Kitchen Countertop and it requires maintenance, here are a few measures to be taken to prolong its life.

  • Daily Cleanup – It is essential that any spill on a marble top is immediately cleaned. It will prevent the marble from getting etched or stained. Even, if there is no visible spill, it is important that the marble tops are cleaned every day to prevent any type of staining.
  • Regular Sealing – Unlike other natural stones like Quartzites and Granites, it is important to reseal the marble every few months or at least once a year. It entirely depends on the brand of sealer used; some will last for 10+ years, while many others are good only for 6 months. Make sure you check the recommendation by the manufacturer and reseal the marble tops as and when required.
  • Avoid using homemade cleaning products - It is very essential, that only recommended products are used to clean the marble tops, as most homemade cleaning materials will do more harm to the marble top.
  • Polishing – The biggest advantage with marble is you can re-polish and seal it whenever you want.

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