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Granite as Kitchen Top


Mr. Vivek Singhania

‘A House Built on Granite & Strong Foundations, not even the onslaught of pouring rain, gushing torrents and strong winds will be able to pull down’ - Haile Selassie

Humans have been aware of the benefits of Granites, the most versatile gift of nature when it comes to natural stones. The sturdiest stone formed over millions of years; an igneous stone formed by the cooling of the magma in the Earth’s Crust. Their beauty, still unmatched and their uses and benefits far outweigh the flip sides.

Talking about the use of Granite as a Kitchen countertop, it is one of the longest used natural stone for Kitchen tops. All over the world, the homeowners will vouch for its strength and the low porosity, which gives it a longevity which makes it a favorite for Kitchen tops. Although, there are many other stones, gaining popularity for their use as Kitchen tops, Granite has still been one of the top used items for 30 plus years.

It is one of the most cost-effective options for natural stone, as it forms almost 70% of the earth’s crust, and there are multiple countries producing this stone. Therefore, the regular completion in the marketplace helps improve the quality of the stone, while keeping it in budget.

The main benefits of Granites are that they are low maintenance, and highly durable stone. Each piece of granite is unique; it’s like having a beautiful piece of nature in your home. They are available in multiple colors, shades, and designs and with Grains as well as veins.

Granite has a Heat Resistant property which makes it suitable for use as a Kitchen top, the sheer strength and tenacity of the stone; outweighs the other factors and other options compared. Its hardness prevents it from getting scratched easily, and therefore ideal for the uses in the kitchen.

The low porosity protects it from being stained, however, it is always suggested to have the stone sealed before uses as the kitchen is home to a lot of acidic chemicals, which could damage its surface. Having talked about the low porosity, not all granites are equal. Like any other natural stones, some granites are more porous than others. The lighter shade granites tend to develop light stains over a long time of usage, whereas the darker ones will only become darker and more beautiful with age. Therefore, the darker ones are more preferred options for the kitchen tops, as their beauty enhances with time.

Once properly sealed, a granite top is as good as non-porous, so not only there are no worries for staining, but it will also be a very sanitary surface, where the bacteria and moistures can’t harbor.

The most important concern, people have is the maintenance of the stone, as the space gets very active, especially in a busy kitchen. Below are some tips which will come in handy:

  • SEAL YOUR GRANITE: It is imperative that the granite stone being used for the countertop must sealed. With the kind of Harshness, the granite Counter tops of subjected to on a day-to-day basis, by sealing the granite, we are essentially providing it an additional layer of protection to prevent the stains, scratches, and absorptions.
  • Clean Up right away: Do not leave any spills to be cleaned for later. Most items used in the kitchen have different chemicals, natural or artificial, which can cause damage to the granite. The damage could be harsh and immediate or small and time taking. In any case, by cleaning the spills immediately we negate the damage by 99%, as the sealant won’t let the spill penetrate immediately.
  • Avoid DIY Cleaning Products from social media: There are thousands of DIY videos available on the internet, asking you to use regular home items for cleaning the granite counters. Most of these items like Bleach, Ammonia, Vinegar, or lemon, cause more harm as they are far too harsh on the Granite. Try to get professionally recommended cleaning products available in the markets for cleaning as they are more reliable and scientifically developed to suit the surface.

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