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Quartz - KOZO
Quartz - KOZO


If you have an eye for detail, and love the compelling intricacies of natural marble veining, KOZO® is the right choice for you.

KOZO® quartz will provide your kitchen the most captivating designs - uplifting your house into a home. This brand carries an unmatched reputation for excellence among other quartz distributors. With its wholly authentic appearing range of products KOZO® remains the preferred choice for those who can truly appreciate the elegant and timeless beauty of natural marble.

Harder than Granite, Bacteria-Free, Super Hygienic, Easy to Clean & Maintain, Beautifully Colored and Designed - Quartz is the easiest choice you’ll make.

GLAZE has carefully studied the Quartz market segment to select the top brands for our clients. Not only have we hand pick the best brands, but furthermore, custom-designed the quartz to replica iconic Italian marbles. With over 50 designs available, GLAZE has the Quartz surface solution for all interior design needs.