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Porcelain Slabs - ARIOSTEA
Porcelain Slabs - ARIOSTEA

Porcelain Slabs

Ariostea is the #1 Porcelain Slab brand of Italy, belongs to IRIS Ceramica Group, the largest porcelain / ceramic stoneware producer in Italy. Ariostea is made with the most advanced technology and fabricating the most innovative designs. The strength, durability, and high precision print quality of Ariostea has become a benchmark of quality for the last 6 decades. Ariostea is a company with distinction, history, and the technical know-how that only comes with 60 years of experience.   All Ariostea’s materials are devised, produced and processed exclusively in Italy.

ARIOSTEA is undoubtedly the world’s #1 porcelain slab brand in terms of both innovative design and print quality. Brands around the world consider Ariostea designs & print quality as the highest benchmark. Large Porcelain slab format of 300 x 150 cm, with its area of 4.50 m2, is the new industry standard for all projects where dimensions make the difference. It offers unmatched project flexibility and the freedom to give concrete form to your ideas without being shackled by size. Thanks to its native 6 mm thickness, Ariostea provides lightness and strength in all applications - even the ones you’d never even imagined.

Ariostea can be used in the projects ranging from ordinary floors and walls with large and small surfaces to application to furniture and accessories. It can be used for Interior and exterior decorating solutions, tables, kitchen and bathroom countertops, washbasins, swing and sliding doors etc.

GLAZE, the largest stone gallery in the Middle East, prides itself as the official distributer of Ariostea, Word’s #1 Porcelain Slab brand. As always, we hand pick and curate the finest product from every corner of the World, to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your spaces.

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